Making Viral AI Balenciaga/Harry Potter Ads Made Easy – Effortless Techniques Revealed

A YouTube video featuring Harry Potter characters praising the high-end fashion label Balenciaga was posted last week by a content creator going by the handle “demonflyingfox.” Even though the entire movie was artificial intelligence (AI) generated, some social media users mistakenly believed it to be an authentic Balenciaga advertisement.

You don’t need to ponder how difficult it is to make such a sophisticated video because you can really make comparable “AI ads” on your own. Although it takes some time, the method is not overly difficult.

PromptJungle, a YouTube user, kindly provided a step-by-step guide on how to design your own premium brand ad. This is the procedure.

How To Make Your Own Balenciaga Ad With AI

The first thing you must do is prepare the following four AI tools: ChatGPT, Midjourney, ElevenLabs, and D-ID.

Next, you’ll need a Discord account and a server with the Midjourney Bot already installed. Here is a tutorial on adding the bot to Discord.

Generate characters

Step 1: visit ChatGPT. Ask ChatGPT to give you the names of the top 10 Harry Potter characters in a new chat window.
Step 2: is to paste this PromptJungle prompt onto ChatGPT.”Now, assume the role of a seasoned Balenciaga fashion designer. I want each of these ten characters to be dressed in a distinctive Balenciaga item for a runway presentation. Just include the characters and the piece’s names. Keep in mind that it is a 1990 fashion show.

Step 3: Respond to the next ChatGPT prompt. A screenshot from a 1990 fashion movie scene with the female model Hermione Granger wearing an obscene black Balenciaga outfit reads, “Balenciaga commercial -ar 3:2 -v 5.” Simply respond “Y” if you understand.

Step 4: Use this prompt to follow up on ChatGPT responses.”Rewrite the prompt using the clothes you selected for each character, please. Keep in mind to follow the prompt’s format and requirements exactly as I pasted them. Change only the model’s gender, the character’s name, and the clothing description. Do you comprehend? If you require further information, kindly inquire.

Step 5: Head over to Discord and open the channel after receiving ChatGPT’s responses to your prompts. visit Discord and launch the Midjourney Bot there. You can now begin giving the bot each command one at a time:

  • Ctrl + C is used to copy a prompt.
  • Use the Midjourney Bot’s “/image” command.
  • Ctrl + V the prompt to paste it.

Step 6: Based on the question, the bot should produce a few photos. Choose your favorites, then download them. PromptJungle recommends, “Always envision the video while you are choosing your images for the best outcome.”

PromptJungle also offers advice to visit upscale. media to improve the photographs if you’re not happy with their quality.

Generate AI audio

You now need to create the advertisement’s audio. Pick the characters for your video who will speak; let’s pick Harry Potter, which PromptJungle also chose.
Step 7: Look for a video interview with Daniel Radcliffe speaking with clear audio on YouTube. Go to YouTube to mp3 Converter, copy the video’s YouTube link, and paste it there. Get the MP3 file now.

Step 8: visit ElevenLabs. To upload Daniel Radcliffe’s mp3 file, go to VoiceLab, “Add Voice,” “Instant Voice Cloning,” and then click “Upload.” Say “Add Voice.”

Step 9: Choose ‘Speech Synthesis’ from the menu, and this is where you can get creative and build a script for Harry Potter. When finished, click ‘Generate’.

Generate AI animation

We’re at the final stretch. You now need to animate Harry Potter.

Step 10: Head to D-ID. Click ‘Create Video’ → ‘Add’ → select the AI image of Harry Potter.

You have two choices to let your animated AI character in the video either remain silent or move and speak on the right side of the screen.

Toggle to “Script”; click the clock icon to add a 0.5-second stop to the movie; select the length of time you want your animation to be paused, and then click “Generate Video” if you want AI Harry Potter to remain silent.

Switch to “Audio” and upload the AI-generated audio from Eleven Labs before clicking “Generate Video” if you want AI Harry Potter to be speaking.

Step 11: Repeat Step 10 for the remaining characters, download them, and presto! The ‘Harry Potter x Balenciaga’ advertising campaign is now prepared for you.

To combine the videos, you can use any video editing program. PromptJungle employed CapCut, a program that is incredibly well-liked on the short-form video app and is owned by TikTok’s parent firm ByteDance.

The ‘Balenciaga Harry Potter campaign has received approximately 7 million views to date, and since then, the designer has produced two other AI-made movies with fictional characters from Breaking Bad and Lord of the Rings advertising Balenciaga. Who knows, your commercial may end up being the next popular video.


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